Friday, February 29, 2008

Pizza Bagel!

So after I made the bagels and the raviolis in the previous posts, the logical thing seemed to be to make a pizza bagel! It was very pizza like, and didn't really feel like raw food, and while it was definitely fun, and seemed like a great treat, I don't think I'll be making them often. Eating bread just feels... wrong. Who knows, maybe I've been gluten intolerant all this time and I didn't even know.

Many people have great benefits from cutting gluten and casien from their diets (that basically means wheat and dairy.) I think this is much of the reason why Asian cultures live so much longer than Western cultures. Autism can be virtually reversed by following this simple protocol.

But I really do like the bagels. Next time I make them, I may try to make them gluten free. Kamut is lower in gluten than wheat, and sprouting reduces the gluten content. However, it did also have ground raw oats, so that adds more gluten. I think more the time being, a low consumption of sprouted grains will be fine. I have grawnola, bagels and sweet bread, and these three items should be enough to last us almost a month I would think, so I won't need to be sprouting again any time soon.

We had some really nice green juice this morning, with kale, apple, celery, carrot and mint. Mint makes any juice better!

I'm getting hungry, so I guess I'll wrap it up. I can't believe how quickly and easily this month has gone by! I'm definitely not going straight back to my old lifestyle (although I'll be in Santa Cruz next week, and I may need to eat some of my dad's soup.) This has been very fun so far, and I plan to keep it up!


Larissa said...

actually I've been developing my new theory that you, I, dad, and Rosie, and possibly Mack, are all gluten intolerant.

dietaseignalet said...

Maybe you would find interesting the Dr. Seignalet´s diet: He explains that wheat, and relatives (oat...) are mutated cereals, and that mutation causes a change in proteins that can´t be digested. So everyone would have a problem with gluten, then. The thing is that symptoms vary depending on genetic predisposition.
His theory is very interesting and cientific, and he is the only doctor that has tried his diet in a lot of patients (about 1200 patients) in France, with outstanding results. He also recommended to avoid milk and dairy products, and to eat a lot of raw products.