Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Day 6

I feel mentally far better today. Physically, my shoulder injury is acting up, and I seem to have a sore throat. The rest of yesterday got better as I went for a glass of wine and a fantastic raw meal at Cafe Gratitude with a dear friend. It was very satisfying, both in terms of the delicious meal, and the ability to get out and socialize in a fairly normal way. I'm also off work today, which is a much needed break, especially since I'm not feeling so well. Here's what I ate yesterday, to the best of my memory:

Breakfast: 1/2 this smoothie

1 banana
1 1/2 peaches
6 or 7 frozen strawberries
1-ish tablespoon tahini
1 cup almond milk
1 tablespoon bee pollen
2 scoops Raw Power (brazil nut/hemp raw protein)
ice cubes

The bee pollen and protein definitely made it taste a little funny, but it was so much more filling this way. i wasn't even really hungry when lunch rolled around, so i ate:

1 cashew cookie Larabar
2 oranges

and was happy until 4 or so, when I ate
1/2 piece raw bread, spread with brazil nut cheese
handful mixed greens with lemon

Then in the evening:

1 glass biodynamic wine

Cafe Gratitude "I am abundant" sampler platter, which included:
almond bread with pesto
buckwheat live bread
carrot flax crackers with chipotle cashew mayo
almond hummus
olive tapenade
1 raw spring roll, wrapped in some marinated green leaf (collard?)
a tiny bowl of a very spicy carrot/avocado soup (I couldn't eat it, it was too spicy)
some of my companion's pad thai

a few bites of the amazing mudslide pie (I was quite full, but it was too good not to eat a little. Coconut and chocolate airy mousseon an amazing chewy crust... could this actually be on my diet? Truly amazing, or as it referred to itself, "I am heavenly.")

I just made some sandwiches for Jess and oh my goddess did that loaf of sandwich bread smell amazing. At least Jesse agreed with me, and I'm not just going crazy.

I have noticed that I'm far more sensitive to outside influences, like the one glass of wine I had last night was more than I needed, while my friend was happy to have another drink with dinner. Ordinarily, I'd have joined her. When I walk past a person smoking a cigarette, it nearly chokes me. Ordinarily, although I wouldn't join them, I'd kind of want to, and might even occasionally intentionally stand near them. I quit smoking a little over a year ago, but didn't find cigarettes completely revolting until recently.

I think my shoulder just hurts today because I carried a heavy press box yesterday. Otherwise, I feel good. So far today I've eaten an orange, half an avocado and a bit of lettuce, but I plan on eating some more meal-like meals a bit later.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, it appears as though I've lost two pounds! It's hard to say this early if it's water weight or if it will stick, even though the month, but it's good news. I'll leave you with that.

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