Sunday, February 3, 2008

Day 3-- That Inevitable Detox

*Note* This post may be considered TMI for some readers.

So for the last few days I have woken up with a need to move my bowels. This is not my usual pattern, so I have found it somewhat strange. This morning I have needed to move them several times, and they have been looser than I would prefer. This is something I am fairly comfortable talking about, although I realize many are not quite so in tune with their rhythms of elimination, so I'll stop short of detail here.

I also had abdominal cramps, similar to menstrual cramps, although of course, NOT menstrual cramps. I took a shower and lay down for a bit and they passed. I have also been experiencing some other muscle weakness and aches. None of this is too severe, and I'm happy to continue on with the trial.

I've come to realize that I'm actually usually pretty successful with strict diets. It's the not so strict ones where I fail. I was vegetarian, never taking a bite of meat, for 13 years. I followed the candida diet, without a bite of sugar, fruit, starch or yeast for 2 months. These things I can do. But if I'm allowed to have a little bit of something, I typically see no reason not to have a lot of it. Wine, cheese, bread, pasta and chocolate seem to be my weaknesses here. Oh, and my dad's chicken. That man sure can cook a chicken. But I digress.

I know I have been promising photos, and so far have not come through. There will be photos! I actually too a photo of last night's salad and marinated mushrooms, as well as the "onion bread" that I made, but need to dehydrate (our oven has suddenly and mysteriously broken, leaving me in a bit of a pickle about how to gently dehydrate my bread.) I will take some photos of me, for the "before" even though we are a few days in. I'm posting this one of me from NYE. Yes, I have gained some weight since my profile photo, thanks.

So, yesterday went well, the burritos at lunch were fantastic! I'll definitely be making those again soon. I was quite hungry yesterday, and snacked quite a bit. Today I find I'm not very hungry. I'm not feeling very well, so I don't seem to have it in my to pull together a full meal plan, but here's what I've eaten so far:

A few orange slices that Jesse cut up (probably about one orange worth)

A piece of raw bread that I bought at Rainbow a while ago (raw bread keep much longer than regular bread) with some raw brazil nut cheese I made last night)

A raw chocolate smoothie (2 bananas, one avocado, 4 tablespoons raw cacao, almond milk, ice cubes, split with husband)

That's all so far. I'm pretty happy with how the sushi, burritos and salad have come out, but I'm going to need more than that to make this a real lifestyle that works for me. I haven't particularly lost any weight yet (although maybe a pound or so after the several trips to the bathroom this morning!) but it's only day 3, so that's probably a good thing. I also did eat quite a bit yesterday (I seemed to be very hungry!)

I have to figure out what I will be taking to work on a daily basis next week. I'm hoping to figure out some way to make my onion bread so that I can have sandwiches some days (although I do still have that buckwheat stuff from rainbow...)

I'll probably make some zucchini/tomato sauce combination for dinner. We don't have very much zucchini (it was like $4 or $5 at Rainbow! Yikes!) but I could add some greens and nuts and I should be able to make a meal of it.

That seems to be all I have in me to post today. I have been sleeping all I want, and I'm still quite tired. Jesse seems to think a walk will help me. This could be true, but it's windy as hell out there.

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