Monday, February 4, 2008

Day 4

So it turns out that those non menstrual cramps in fact were menstrual cramps. This is good, that I'm not having random abdominal cramps, but it sucks because last night was rough. i stayed in the bath for about two hours. My amazing husband cared for me by bringing me boiling water, and then even making me green juice. The juice lifted the terrible headache I was having in a way that the aleve I took seemed to refuse to do. He is handling this whole process beautifully so far, perhaps partly because I'm still willing to cook some food for him now and again (I made him a vat of cheese sauce for dipping corn chips. Thankfully, it wasn't all that appealing to me, although he thought it was great.)

I'm back at work today, and I brought an arsenal of raw food to sustain me. I made juice this morning, and put a quart in a mason jar, which is currently in the fridge, along with my raw burritos (i was out of tomatoes, so I made a quick onionless salsa with pineapple, cilantro and jalapeno) 2 oranges, 2 apples, a grapefruit, a small container of almonds and a larabar. So today I should not have to face anything ugly like Friday, when I got very hungry and had to scramble home and make juice. I'm planning to go to a yoga class after work, assuming I'm not having cramps.

So far I'm not really experiencing any cravings for cooked food, although last night I definitely could have eaten some miso soup. I did have some strong chamomile tea after my bath and juice, and that also helped. The raw bread and nut cheese kept me going yesterday.

Dinner last night was very interesting. I made zucchini "pasta" which means you shave the zucchini into strips with a peeler. I then marinated the chopped centers of the zucchini, some mushrooms, and onions in various combinations of olive oil, lemon juice and braggs. I then made a tomato sauce with sundried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, pineapple (yes, why not!) herbs and olive oil. This is a delicious sauce. I topped with veggie mix with the sauce and topped that with some ground up nuts to vaguely resemble parmesean. I took pictures of it, but they are in the camera at home, and I am at work, so I'll have to add them in later.

The dish looked good, smelled good, and tasted good, but in a salad/appetizer kind of way. I'm definitely not in a place yet where that can be my meal and I'll be satisfied. Jesse, who felt the same about it as I did, ate his leftover steamed artichoke. I think I cut up some oranges, and that's about when I started to feel sick and got in the tub.

But as I said, I'm feeling well today, so far all I've had was this morning's juice, but I'm about to peel a grapefruit and munch a few almonds, which should tide me over till lunch. I have not planned dinner tonight, but that seems far away now. I may venture into the raw soup genre.

All for now.

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