Monday, April 7, 2008

Bad Blogger! No Biscuit!

WOW it's been two or three weeks since I blogged last... what can I say, I've been VERY busy, visiting friends in Georgia, working on a benefit for my friend's child with cancer, going to my job, etc. I fell off the wagon for a bit with all the chaos, but I'm mostly back on it, and am shooting for 80% raw as we go into the future. I plan to be raw at home, part raw when out.

So i'm actually busy at work today (I know, it;'s crazy) but I thought I'd tell you that my rockin sushi recipe has been dubbed a favorite on gone raw. Go visit, it's on the front page.

And I haven't forgotten about that pizza recipe I promised you (although maybe you have.) It's coming, sit tight.