Sunday, February 17, 2008

Green Smoothie

So I've been kind of grossed out by the idea of green smoothies, but I love green juice. So I decided to bite the bullet today and make a green smoothie this morning. I've been known to add a bit of spirulina to a smoothie before, thereby making a fruity smoothie slightly green, so I figured adding a little broccoli rabe wouldn't be all that different. And it wasn't. Actually, I think it was a little better. This smoothie had one banana, broccoli rabe, a blood orange and almond milk. It was a little bland compared to my usual smoothie, but overall not bad at all. Totally edible.

Could NOT get to sleep last night. I have no idea why, maybe I haven't been getting enough exercise, maybe... I don't know. So I look a little tired today. No matter. I put on cure clothes, a little eye makeup and a hat, and I'm good to go. I'm going to see my friend's puppies and have lunch at Cafe Gratitude. I am grateful to have friends who are willing to go to a restaurant where you have to be grateful in order to get your meal. I have to get going, but I may get a chance to add more later today.

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Keely said...

Yeah!!! You downed a green smoothie!!! [grin]

Try spinich leaves in your smoothies. They don't alter the taste of your fruit smoothies even if you put several handfuls in there! Most of the smoothies that I have on my site were photographed to show their pretty colors... and then I shoved them back in the blender to add some spinach!!!