Monday, February 11, 2008

oops... missed a couple days

I assure you the last two days have been as raw as the rest of February, I just neglected to post. Sunday was pf course, my birthday, which consisted of some fruit for breakfast, a lovely raw pizza at La Vie in Santa Cruz for lunch, and another raw meal at Alive in San Francisco for dinner. I'm a lucky gal.

At some point I seem to have tweaked my shoulder, and so I took it easy yesterday. It's actually difficult to post on the computer at home, since it's a laptop/couch situation, which isn't ideal for my neck.

So part of this illustrious holiday filled week includes tonight, which is Jesse and my 6 month wedding anniversary. I've obtained a lovely bottle of sulfite free wine, and am making lasagna. The components are more or less prepared, it just needs assembly.

However, I'm trying to take it easy, since I'm still in some pain, and it doesn't take much at this point to make things a whole lot worse. So forgive me thte short post, and I'll be back soon, better than ever.

P.S. Aside from the injury, I feel great!

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