Thursday, February 7, 2008

Day 7-- One Week Raw!

One week raw! Yesterday was lovely, as I had the day off, so I had time to do some nice un-cooking. My barley had sprouted, so I made a beautiful barley salad with bell pepper, zucchini, tomato and avocado with herbs, spices, olive oil and lemon. I'm having some today for lunch with microgreens and sunflower seeds. I also made chocolate ice cream! It was very good, but it was too rich for me. I seem to desire lighter foods now. I also made some lemon truffle/cookie type things with leftover almond pulp, dates, coconut and lemon. These are delicious, and easier to deal with than a big bowl of ice cream.

I haven't eaten anything yet today, just wasn't hungry this morning, but I have four apples, the barley salad, a few of the truffles and two larabars in my bag, just in case.

I'm listening to Mitt Romney's concession speech. He's beyond infuriating, and I look forward to him being out of the headlines. They're cheering because he wants to lower corporate taxes. Grr...

I'm mostly past the deep cravings for cooked food now, and I feel quite well. I think I've lost a pound or two, although I know I will lose more if I cut back on the dried fruits and nuts, and increase the vegetables and seeds.

All for now, stay tuned and keep reading!

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