Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Making Bread

I made bagels! They're very good, and weirdly authentic, yet somehow, they're not really what I want. When I first started this trial of rawness, all I wanted was bread, pasta, rice, etc. Now all I want is sweet fruits, macadamia nuts and green juice. Maybe I'm getting over my bread addiction? That would be something.
I sprouted 2 cups of kamut, which made 5 cups of sprouts, so I used half in the bagel recipe (which I changed by taking out the yeast and sunflower seed butter, swapping kamut for the millet, and dehydrating much longer at a lower temp) and the other half in Juliano's mango essene bread. Basically a sweet raw bread with mango. I'm not that into any of it right now, but Jesse probably will be. He needs filling foods, and these breads fit the bill.

I'm quite sleepy now, and I have no excuse for it... I got a haircut, did a bit of food prep & dishes (the good husband also did some dishes... it seems the terrible dish strike of 08 has ended) but I spent most of the day reading David Wolfe's Eating for Beauty and other stuff online. Oh, also, it seems I have lost 10 pounds. Can it be?

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Larissa said...

hmmm. maybe someone from your house wants to come do dishes here next? oh LAAAAAAAADYYYYY

I miss you. You come visit next week cook me wacky raw food? That would be fun. I would hazard a guess dad will still be making soup. He sure does make some soup up there.