Friday, February 15, 2008

Better Still

So I'm thoroughly convinced that the funk I was feeling was die to the muscle relaxants and not the diet. I mean, duh, but still. I feel much better today again, and although I still have some minor shoulder pain, I'm definitely finished with that flexeril. It's not worth it, unless I'm completely laid up anyway.

I'm excited because I have guests coming for dinner, and the dehydrator is abuzz with portobella burgers, almond cookies, and sweet potato fries! I'll make a fairly basic salad and toppings for the burgers, wrap them in cabbage/collard leaves, and we should be set! I really hope my guests will enjoy, it's definitely different than their usual fare, but hopefully they are feeling adventurous, and if not, they can always stop by the in and out burger on their way home.

I made a nice smoothie this morning with a banana, a mango (or most of a mango, some of it I had to eat before it made it to the blender!) almond milk, hemp seeds and chia seeds. Tasty, and quite filling.

I shouldn't worry so much about what I will eat when the trial is over. That's two weeks away! Even food fanatics who plan every morsel of food that enters their mouths don't plan that far ahead!

So, overall, I don't think I feel all that different yet. I'm very much still me. Maybe my diet hasn't changed all that radically, even without cooking any of my food, the basic ingredients are mostly the same, except more nuts and less (ok, no) dairy. But maybe it takes longer than a month. Maybe I need to eat less nuts and fruit and more greens to notice a difference. I have no idea. But it's not so hard to keep up. It's just food, after all!


Charissa said...

Looking forward to your guests reaction! That's fun. For my birthday party, I'm planning on having an all-raw supper for those coming. I'm a little nervous they won't like it, but overall, I think it'll go great. You go girl!

Larissa said...

you know... I feel sure you will still be you after the month is up. I mean, you've been you the whole time I've known you, which is, after all, pretty nearly your entire life. You're pretty good at being you.
As for your party guests, I bet they like it. I really liked yr raw birthday cake.