Thursday, March 13, 2008

Party Animal

I have lots and lots of social events coming up. Some are raw potlucks, which are exciting, but a little competetive, because I want to bring the best raw dish. One is a family dinner at my in-laws, where again, I want to bring something amazing, so they know I'm not starving myself (or my husband!) Some are parties for friends, at which I know the food options will be limited. In these cases, I plan to eat beforehand, and just have a glass of wine and maybe a small green salad at the event.

I finally did some strength training at the gym today, I've been going during lunch and spending 30-40 minutes on an elliptical trainer or a recumbent bike. I have a shoulder injury, so I get nervous about strength training, but I just used light weight with more reps, which I think will be safer. I noticed that the strength training seems to make me much more hungry for lunch than cardio does, so I ate 2 larabars, 2 oranges and a salad. I could still eat, but I thin I'll be fine until I get home. One of the best things about going raw is that my blood sugar seems to have stabilized, so I can now be hungry and functional at the same time! Amazing!

I'll be working on some pies for potlucks, so once I come up with an amazing recipe I'll post it here. But the recipe will be a 3 layer mint chocolate cheesecake pie! Stay tuned!


Larissa said...

I am definitely waiting for the cheesecake pie recipe.


(maybe also at parties sometimes there would be a crudite platter or fruit plate? one can hope.)

Ama said...

AsAstarte!Would you bring something for our equinox ritual next weeknd? It is the Sap Moon (full moon name for this time of year). I would love something with natural sweetening - maple syrup, palm sugar, etc. Just wishing....