Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I can't believe it's been over a week since my last post... where does the time go? I hope you missed me...

Well, I've been very much enjoying the raw life! I've eaten very small amounts of cooked food only twice, and it didn't particularly agree with me. I also ate some raw fish, which may have been the real culprit. Tough to say. Anyway, this was only two occasions where I ate small portions of cooked food. I don't feel guilty about it, and I don't claim it won't happen again, but it wasn't as exciting as I might think it would be.

Exciting would be today's lunch from the Alive farmer's market cart! Collard wrapped, um, stuff (I honestly don't know what was in there except that it was delicious and vegetables) and raspberry lemon cheescake! So delicious that I picked up a couple pieces of pomegranate lavender cheescake for tonight. Shhh... don't tell Jesse, it's a surprise.

I've been reading about the diet of chimpanzees recently. They are our closest relative, and until i researched it, I believed them to have a vegan diet, aside from the termites they eat. Oddly, they hunt, and even more disturbingly they hunt monkeys. And when they hunt monkeys, they kill lots and lots at a time. The meat still makes up less than 5% of their total diet, with over 70% coming from fruit. However, they also seem to use the meat as a social tool, particularly to gain favor with reproductive females. I can't make this stuff up. I read most of it on this study out of Stanford.

I'm not sure what to make of it. I also haven't read Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko, but from what I read in the Amazon preview (I know, I kind of roll like that) I understand that it is largely based on the idea that chimps eat greens primarily. From what I can tell, not only do they eat primarily fruit, but they also hunt.

Not that I would argue with her on the nutrient value of greens. Greens are clearly the best source of nutrients on the planet. Calorie for calorie, spinach has nearly as much protein as lean chicken breast. Greens are loaded with calcium, iron, vitamin C, vitamin A, all those vitamins and minerals that people claim are absent from a raw vegan diet. I will tell you that I believe firmly that raw veganism is the most mineral rich, nourishing, satisfying, beautifying and ethical way to live. I would never criticize anyone else on the way they choose to live their life, provided they don't hurt other human beings (or dogs or cats, actually) because I don't consider it my place to mess with other people's lives. I just want to share the lightness and creativity that my new path has brought to my life. When I walk through my city and the sun is shining and my hunger is satiated from living cuisine, I can't help but smile.

I just wanted to share that fact with you today. So please accept this slightly bumbling and disjointed, thoroughly disjointed post, and be grateful for this moment, this moment is your life.


Larissa said...

story about chimps is scary




(reminds me too much of a scary story i heard of someone going to some business meeting someplace in asia and being served monkey brain. ooiks!)

Charissa said...

I love that book, mostly! Oh, so good!