Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I ate a bagel with cream cheese on Saturday. I never suspected how ill I would get! My sister is convinced that most of my family is gluten intolerant... this could definitely be possible. I loves the noodles... but maybe they are not so great actually!

So far, the social events have gone quite well. I only made it to one potluck (the other was held when I was at work-- minor technicality) but the pizza I brought went over very well. So well that I was sworn to post the recipe here. And I will do this, but I want to do it when I can post the photo as well, so be patient my good friends.

The birthday party at the brewery would have been tricky, but we just didn't eat. We didn't explain why we weren't eating, he just had out drinks (I had wine, Jesse had beer) and hung out. Then we went to an oyster bar. Oysters are raw, but not vegan. I used to adore them, so we had a few. They were OK. I wish I still felt the same way about them. I am becoming increasingly attached to the idea of veganism. I am such an animal lover, and the way that animals are treated on this planet... well, I'm just not OK with it. So I don't want to participate in it. And eating a live animal... well, that's definitely participating.

Tonight is the St. Patrick's day party. Jesse's parents already know about the raw thing, and I'm sure they will be fine with me just eating salad (and the AMAZING raw mint cheesecake I brought) but if his uncle is there, I may have to explain it, which could get... tricky. People just don't instinctively understand. Quite the opposite. People can become quite aggressive about food. I don't really understand this, but it's definitely a fact. People DEFINITELY care what other people eat.

I remember visiting Montana when I was a kid (I am deeply blessed that my family decided NOT to move there) and seeing this postcard with a picture of people at a barbecue. I forget exactly what the caption read, but the implication was that if you are a vegetarian in Montana, you will be eaten. I found this deeply disturbing, as my entire family was vegetarian at the time (they are not anymore.)

I do hope they enjoy the cheesecake I made! It's a cashew/macadamia cheese base with a brownie crust, vanilla and mint layers, and topped with chocolate ganache. I KNOW! So I'm not in the least bit worried about having enough to eat tonight!

Plus, I had a great lunch today at Ananda Fuara. It's on Market at Larkin/9th, and is a vegetarian restaurant. Most of the food qualifies as "junk" food... soy chicken/burgers, ice cream, samosas, etc. But I had a fruit smoothie which they made for me with fruit and fresh squeezed OJ (they charged extra for that) and a HUGE salad with shredded red cabbage, zucchini, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, RAW sunflower seeds (they are usually toasted... I had to pay $3.75t extra for that, more than I was expecting to pay, considering it was just a substitution from toasted sunflower seeds) and a lemon tahini dressing. I'm not certain the dressing was 100% raw, but everything else was, and I think the dressing might have been too! SO delicious, and way too much food. Next time I'll either get the smaller salad or skip the smoothie.

But I would definitely recommend the place. It's very cute inside, painted blue with fresh tulips at every little white table. The servers where all older ladies with long hair in a single braid wearing Indian Saris. There are rumors there is a cult involved. Hey, whatever keeps the kitchen clean, I'm fine with it.

Next week we go out of town, and I'm guessing the raw % could slip down to 70 or so. Hopefully nothing I eat will make me ill, and I'm very much looking forward to seeing my wonderful friend in her fair city.

I am in training for the next two days at work, so I won't have free time to post blogs for you, but I'll be posting recipes at some point this week, so definitely stay tuned!


Keely said...

Ananda Fuara is not cult run. They embrace the teachings of Sri Chinmoy who was a peace leader. Just thought you might want to know! (I looked it up on their website!!!)

Ama said...

I am hoping you might make it up to our Ostara feast and shine a little raw light on our festivities. That would be awesome.
I cannot wait to see the recipe for the pizza.
By the way, that cheesecake sounds outstanding.
Mom, Ama, Patria, that Lady, and so forth